New Race Event in Cotter - June

Backyard Ultra Championship


What is a Backyard Ultra?

A Backyard Ultra is a last runner standing competition. It does not end until only one runner can complete a yard. A yard begins once an hour and is measured to 4.166667 miles. That comes to 100 miles every 24 hours. You cannot start before the hour. You cannot start after the hour. It does not matter if you run a yard in 40 minutes or 59 minutes and 59 seconds. As long as you complete the yard under 60 minutes, you're still in. If nobody finishes a yard, there is no winner. Easy, right?

The beauty of a Backyard is that it "smooths" the advantages of age, gender, and speed. At a Backyard, mental toughness and grit can earn any runner glory.

ABUC Weekend Agenda

Friday June
              5:00-7:30pm  Packet Pick-Up & Pasta Dinner Social
                                   (we prefer everyone to pickup packets Friday night)


Saturday June

                     5:15am  Packet Pickup
                     5:45am  Pre-Race Briefing 
                     5:57am  Whistles (Learn to love these)
                     5:58am  Whistles
                     5:59am  Whistle (You better be in the coral!)
                     6:00am  First Yard Begins!

                    12:00pm - Runners are treated to the first of many meals from
                                      The One More Yard Cafe!
One More Yard Cafe Feeding Schedule
Thank you Chris & Micah Martin for the working the "One More Yard Cafe"

Saturday June

                    12:00pm - 25 Miles Complete - Egg & Cheese Burritos, Bacon 
                      6:00pm - 50 Miles Complete - Brisket Sliders & Potato Salad

Sunday June

                    12:00am -   75 Miles Complete - Grilled Cheese, Ramen
                      6:00am - 100 Miles Complete - Pancakes & Sausage
                    12:00pm - 125 Miles Complete - Brisket & Cheese Quesadillas
                      6:00pm - 150 Miles Complete - TBD
Monday June 

                    12:00pm - 175 Miles Complete - TBD

Official Arkansas Backyard Ultra Rules

1) You must bang The Gong when you are out.

  • It Must be done

2) Follow Arkansas Ultra Running's Primary Rule

  • No Whining

3) Follow the Official Big's Backyard Ultra Rules

Official Big's Backyard Ultra Rules

1) Course

  • Loop or out and back

  • Must be 4 miles 880 feet in length, metric equivalent 6.7056 kilometers

2) Starting Corral

  • Measured to fit entire starting field

  • Corral stays the same size thru out the event

  • Participants must be in the starting corral at the whistle

3) Starts

  • Each race starts precisely 1 hour after the last

  • Warning must be given 3, 2, and 1 minutes prior to start

  • All competitors must start at the bell (no late starts)


4) Course Rules

  • Except for restrooms, competitor may not leave the course until each race is completed

  • No non-competitors on the course (including eliminated runners)

  • No personal aid during a race (common aid stations are allowed)

  • Each race must be completed within an hour to be counted… including the final race

  • No artificial aids (including trekking poles)

  • Slower runners must allow passes


5) Timing

  • Timing of the races is optional


6) Winner/Results

  • The winner is the last person to complete a yard

  • All others are technically DNF

  • Results of each runner in terms of distance covered are to be given

  • If no runner can complete one more yard than anyone else, there is no winner


7) Cap

  • Race must be open ended

Race Perks

Every runner will receive a commemorative t-shirt - (must sign up 30 days or more before event)

Runners who complete more than 12 yards (50 miles) receive a DNF award.

A Friday night, pre-race pasta dinner is complementary to runners.

Families and crew may purchase a pasta dinner.

Teams are allowed (but just for fun). See Teams Tab for more info.

Bronze Ticket Entry

The winner will receive a Bronze Coin, free entry to Silver Coin Event. For runners seeking entry to the original Big's Backyard, hosted by the infamous Laz Lake, winning our event gets you one step closer.