Our Boomer Story


Before Bob and I decided to make the escape from our life long Chicago home, we pictured Mountain Home, Arkansas as remote, endless dirt roads, no shopping and far from all the creature comforts we had grown to want in the big city. We were wrong. Mountain Home, Arkansas, had many things we wanted in our new home town.


Some of these include: Baxter Regional Hospital in the center of town, ASU Mountain Home campus, the New Vada Sheid Auditorium, New Reynolds Library, 5 Star golf course Big Creek, the largest Super Wal-Mart in the state of Arkansas, Lowes and Home Depot, banks, churches, schools, fast food places galore, fine dining, live theater, two multiple screen movie houses - both have 1st run selections. 



I will never forget the day we moved into our new mountain home. It had grown dark by the time we were done getting all the furniture in the house. As we sat down on the back porch to rest, we looked up and saw that the night sky and honestly it was breathtaking with no "city lights" to lessen their wonder.


We had heard about the great real estate values in Mountain Home, Arkansas from other empty nesters & boomers like ourselves who had already moved to the Twin Lakes area. One of the main factors for our decision to leave the big city was the high property taxes, and what we found here was amazingly low in comparison. We fell in love with Baxter County and all of North Central Arkansas. We were so happy with what we found that we decided to retire to Arkansas!


Century 21 LeMac Realty Real Estate Mountain Home, Arkansas

Some of the towns nearby include: Bull Shoals, Lakeview, Flippin, Mountain Home, Cotter, Yellville, Henderson and Norfork. There are listed properties for sale in almost every town and quite a variety for almost every need. Go to our home page to search for a property. We offer two ways to search: first by price catagory, and secondly by type, such as lake and river, land, etc. We offer all types of real estate for sale in the Mountain Home, Arkansas area. 


What else can you find in Baxter and Marion County? Two beautiful lakes: Bull Shoals and Lake Norfork. These are man-made lakes that were formed in the 1950s. The two dams were constructed to generate electrical power. The result, two clean and clear, fresh water lakes that never freeze! Click here to visit the Bull Shoals Visitor Center. You will be able to boat and/or fish year round, and scuba & water ski during three seasons. Bull Shoals, Arkansas is a great place to live and relocate to. 


We also have many beautiful rivers in the Twin Lakes area, the most famous is the White River that is stocked with 5 species of trout. Other rivers are the Buffalo and North Fork. There are many river properties for sale in beautiful Mountain Home, Arkansas area.

A question we hear a lot from customers and clients.....”What is the Corp Line” and “Why can't we build on the shore of the Norfork and Bull Shoals Lake?”

Answer: Until the 1940’s our Ozarks area had many very beautiful rivers such as the White and Buffalo. In the towns of Bull Shoals and Norfork, the U.S. Army Corp built two hydro power dams. It took several years to fill up and form Bull Shoals and Norfork Lake. These lakes are quite deep, 300 feet in many places, and in times of heavy rains, they fill up further. The Corp Frontage is an area designated as the “high water” mark or the 100 year flood line.


By keeping that area free of homes and businesses, we reduce monumental losses and pollution by flooding. Not all lakes have this protection….and people often complain that they cannot build on the water’s edge like other areas. Flooding can bring loss of life, property, top soil, raw sewage going into the lake and river water, garbage, pollution and more.  We hope this helps you understand the corp's line is protection for home owners and keeping our beautiful lakes and rivers clear and clean for all to enjoy for generations to come.


Marion and Baxter County Arkansas are located in the Ozark mountains of North Central Arkansas, with beautiful rolling hills, stately oaks, beautiful bluff walls 300 feet tall, graced with tall pines, wild flowers and fields of pasture grasses. The landscape here is breath taking! The Ozarks lends itself to cattle farming, goats, dairy farms and horses.


Attention golfers!! We have a top 5 Star Golf Course in Mountain Home. Our course has been featured many times in editions of Golf Digest! Big Creek Golf Course was completed in the year 2000 and has been ranked #1 in top courses for the last five years in the 20,000 rounds category. Ask the Z-team, we can help you explore what’s available to you as a builder’s lot, condo, duplex or single family in beautiful Big Creek Estates Golf Course.


If you enjoy hunting, our Mountain Home is rich with deer and turkey. Be sure to look for a hunting link on our Lots of Links page. We also have beautiful National Forests, caverns and caves to tour, camp and hike, with bike, horse and walking trails, and the list goes on and on!


If you have always wanted to open a business, retail store, restaurant, or service business, please contact us. More development and retail stores are targeting Mountain Home, Arkansas as a possible retail location. Call and talk with us about your real estate business needs! We can start the process and assist you every step of the way. If you already own a business, and want to relocate to Mountain Home, we have vacant properties available!


Or if you always wanted to be an entrepreneur…be your own boss, give us a call we look forward to helping you find the right fit. Mountain Home, Arkansas is growing and we welcome your interest in this beautiful place!