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Turn on any TV news station and you are going to hear many different opinions of the new tax laws involving Real Estate Sales.  The doom and gloom and all the benefits we have lost.  

Well here is the most current report published about how these laws will affect you and if your home sale...and its great news!

Forbes Business Magazine 1/9/2018 

The mortgage interest deduction: If you buy a home between now and 2026,  you can deduct the interest on up to $750,000 in mortgage debt used to purchase or improve it as an itemized deduction. 

This cap affects home purchases made after December 14, 2017. Anyone who took out a mortgage on December 14 or earlier will be able to deduct interest on up to $1 million in debt, the old cap, for that home, even if they refinance to get a lower rate. 

(Note that prior to the new law, interest on up to $100,000 in home equity debt taken to improve a home was also deductible, which the IRS interpreted as meaning that interest on a mortgage of up to $1.1 million could be claimed. The new legislation wiped out the deduction for home equity debt, including on existing loans, beginning in 2018. You can still claim it for 2017 when you file your taxes this April.) 

Barring new legislation, in 2026 the law will revert to its prior state, with interest on up to $1.1 million in mortgage and home equity debt again deductible.

Since most homes in this country are worth far less than $750,000, this change alone will not increase housing costs for the majority of home buyers. There are some buyers, however, particularly those who live in expensive housing markets along the coasts, who will be hurt. 

Moreover, by treating current home owners better than future buyers, the law creates a disincentive for people already in million-dollar homes to move. It will also give those thinking about trading up to homes costing more than $750,000 a reason to reconsider, likely constraining the already tight supply of less expensive homes.

A dodged bullet: Despite some battle wounds, real estate professionals broadly agree: It could have been worse. Earlier versions of the tax plan eliminated property tax deductions entirely and cut the mortgage-interestcap even further. 

But the biggest win for the industry may be that the final bill maintains the exclusion for capital gains from the sale of a primary residence. This means a taxpayer who sells a home may exclude up to $250,000 of gain from taxation ($500,000 if married filing jointly) if he or she has owned and used the home as a primary residence for two of the past five years. 

Earlier versions of the bill would have increased the ownership and use requirements to five of eight years, and kept higher-income taxpayers from claiming the exemption at all. 

You can read the entire article by searching Forbes HowThe New Tax Law Will Impact Your Housing Costs 1/9/2018

Mortgage rates will hover around 4% FOR MOST BUYERS.

In December the Federal Reserve bumped short term interest rates 25 basis points to between 1.25% and 1.50%. Historically, movement from the Fed has had a corresponding effect on mortgage rates, but three hikes in 2017 and two in 2016 only moved the cost of a home loan slightly higher, casting doubt on just how much of a difference the three hikes Fed policy makers have projected for 2018 will have on housing.Experts tend to agree mortgage rates will finish the year between 4% and 4.5%. That’s a touch higher than the rates for most of 2017 but still historically low. What they disagree on is how we’ll get there. Ralph McLaughlin, chief economist at Trulia, for example, expects a slow and steady rise. Greg McBride, chief financial analyst at Bankrate.com, anticipates volatility with rates “dipping below 4% at least once, spiking above 4.5% and closing the year around 4.5%.”

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First offering of this beautifully renovated (2012-13)attractive brick office building in Mountain Home Arkansas. Has approx. 100' ofHwy 62 frontage on the main road thru town, traffic count daily of 15K.

Multiple entrances allow for a possible sublet, lease orbring your own firm and have room to grow! Building features over 4,300+ sq. fton Main level with 6 offices, 4 half baths, Reception area, file& store rooms.  A fully equip kitchen has comfortable breakspace.  Main Level also features an Executive office with private entry.The upper level is an open space of 660 sq. ft. with full bath.  Anunfinished lower level with outside entrance and stairway to main.  Couldbe renovated to sublet or to lease, LL has plumbed area for bathroom. Freshly paved lot will park 35+ vehicles includes exits entrance from Hwy 62and two off highway exits. Located across from Mountain Home Square & CourtHouse, great location for medical, legal or investor possibilities.  Feelfree to contact the listing Teams prior to event.

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