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September 17-18, 2021 events not yet announced


past events

The Fly Fishing Fair is the premier event of the Southern Council Federation of Fly Fishers, held each year in Mountain Home, Arkansas. 

The move to the Vada Sheid Convention Center is going to give a whole new look and a more modern facility than the Showgrounds

The FFF has brought in the Fly Fishing Film Tour to follow the Live Auction from 6 to 7 pm. The Iron Fly Contest, bring your vice thread and tools, and you are given a material assortment, is also new and a fun event.

We are working up a great booth for the Fair, highlighting the highly acclaimed new line of Sage X rods, come along and test cast all the X rods we can assemble.

Both Chad Johnson and Steve Dally are doing tying classes while Chad and Gabe Levin will be giving fishing presentations. Gabe’s presentation on the Buffalo River Wilderness will include a preview of our new video on the Buffalo River.


Friday 1-4pm: Steve Dally Streamer Tying Class – Steve Dally
Learn how to tie The Dancer Streamer Series Top to Bottom with guide and Rainy’s Flies designer Steve Dally.   Dancer series of streamers covering all the water column, from probing the depths to shallow running. This class will cover elements of streamer design and techniques, how to achieve different action, materials selection and more. The class should finish at least 2 flies from 4″ to 8″.  Fly recipe materials will be provided. Bring your vise and all your tying tools and thread. You need have intermediate tier skills.
Friday 1pm – 4pm   Location: Warren Haley Conf. Rm.   Member $30 – Non-member $45      Class limit: 6

Friday 10 am -10.50 am Floating the Lower Buffalo: Ozarks Backcountry Fly Fishing at its Finest – Gabe Levin, Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher guide and Buffalo River program director
The Lower Buffalo River Wilderness area contains 23 miles of the most pristine warm water fishing in the Ozarks. A three-day guided drift boat trip through this remote valley offers world class scenery, fine riverside meals, and a diverse collection of wild, native fish ready to pounce on your fly.
Friday 10am – 10:50 am     Location: Yoga Room      Cost: FREE       No Class limit

Sat 11 am – 11:50 am  Fishing  Your Fly- What to do after the cast – Chad Johnson, Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher head guide
We will be discussing how to trigger bites, how to get better drifts, and tips on how to get the hook set, among other things.
Sat. 11 am – 11:50 am      Location: Yoga Room           Cost: FREE               No Class limit
Saturday 1pm – 4pm     Streamer design and materials choice.   Chad Johnson
We will discuss what materials to use and what to expect from each material along with streamer design i.e. Right placement and material placement and material choice.  Fly recipe materials will be provided.  Skill Level: Intermediate Bring: Vise, tying tools, streamer appropriate thread.
Sat. 1pm – 4pm       Location: Warren Haley Conf. Rm.  Member $30 – Non-member $45    Class limit:  6

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